Coffee Tips

Over 40 blends and single origins? Help! How do I choose?

Let’s start basic: do you drink it black or white? For those purists who like their drink as nature intended (black, no alterations), start with our specially formulated Espresso No. 1, or perhaps the Guatemala for a medium strength hit. Make your way to Sumatra and the Blue Batak for something extra special.
For our lovers of all things dairy (or soy, or rice, or almond or- you get the idea!), our Vienna blend is a delicious medium strength. But don’t be afraid to head out to Nicaragua’s La Bastilla, or India for the Tiger Mountain. They’re all good for dipping your toes.
And if you’re feeling adventurous, give us a call, or drop into one of our shops. We love to talk coffee and will be thrilled to help you find your perfect bean.

Cappuccino, latte, flat white, piccolo? What are they and what do I want to drink?

We like things pretty traditional around here- when it comes to making a perfect coffee, that is. We stick to the Italian School of definitions:


Think of it as the other rule of thirds- one third foam, one third hot milk, one third espresso


The perfect compromise between milky and foamy, a latte is an espresso shot topped by hot milk, finished with a thumbs width of foam.

Flat White

Hot creamy milk your thing? A flat white is espresso covered by hot steamed milk with only the smallest foam layer on top.

Traditional Flat White

Think of it as how you used to make instant coffee! Less milky than a normal flat white, still as delicious.

Short Black

Pure espresso, usually a double shot.

Long Black

Espresso balanced on top of hot water.


An espresso ‘held short’ for maximum sweetness

Piccolo/Piccolo latte

Like the latte, only tiny. Usually served in an espresso cup, perfect for when you don’t want to dilute that delicious espresso but love the creaminess of foamy milk.

What is the best way for me to make coffee at home?

Have a live-in barista? Not an option? We love a good home espresso machine, but don’t discredit the old reliable plunger or stove-pot. What you love is what we want you to use! Have you heard of the Aeropress? Come in and see; it’s perfect for camping, the office, or even your kitchen.

How should I store my coffee beans? How long will my beans stay fresh for?

This question can start family feuds. Our advice? In our bag for up to 3 weeks (they have a handy one-way value for getting rid of that pesky CO^2 ), or an airtight in your pantry. No refrigeration needed!

What’s the deal with grinding, and can I do it myself?

Yes, as long as you’ve got a burr grinder. Seriously, you need a burr grinder. They come in hand driven or electric models. Of course, we’ll do it for you when you buy your beans, just ask!

Let’s get technical

How hot should the water when making coffee?

Depends on how you’re making it. Espresso machines are between 91˚ and 96˚ Celsius, but an Aeropress recommends 85˚.

How hot should the milk be?

No hotter than 65˚. Anything more, and the chemical structure begins to break down, resulting in burnt, flat, or thin milk.

What amount of ground coffee is needed to make a good espresso shot?

Depends on your machine. Check the user manual or trawl the internet if you’ve lost it. We’re honestly not going to be able to help without details of your make and model. Same goes for plungers, stove-pots, etc. Give us the details of what you have and we’ll be able to help!